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BIOL 490 Freeman: Scholarly journal articles

Primary research article example

Is it a primary source? Scroll through the article and visually identify a METHOD section. This may or may not be clearly delineated within the article; you may need to determine its location for yourself. 

  • The METHOD section describes work that was actually executed by the author(s) of the article. Part of the utility of this section of a primary research article is for other researchers to replicate and/or adapt the method in order to advance the study and understanding of the research. 

Discussion: Can you find a method section in this article? Where is it? 

Trap Spacing and Transect Design for Dung Beetle Biodiversity Studies



Searching Library Databases

Searching in Academic Search Ultimate
"Dung Beetle"  OR  Coleoptera  OR Scarabaeidae  AND  benefits  OR  advantages  AND  biodiversity  AND  monitoring     
1. Search:  "Dung Beetle"  =  1169

2. Add:  OR Coleoptera  = 19,843

3. Narrow further by adding:  traps = 1,529

4. Adapt this further as a phrase:  pitfall traps = 493

5. This list contains newspaper, magazine, and scholarly journal articles. Decide whether or not to LIMIT results to Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals. Refrain from limiting to Full Text. This may hide useful articles that you can access using the Find It button.

8. Search your own topic using above strategy.

General Databases:

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