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SOCI 101 (McEntee): Critically Evaluate Resources

What is a scholarly article?

Source Requirements

Remember for this assignment you are required to find the following as a minimum:

  • 2 new sociological sources (published in the last 10 years)
  • 2 new semi-scholarly sources (published in the last 2 years)
  • 2 new data sources (at least one of which is a map, graph, chart, image used as a slide in the Power Point presentation)

Evaluating Resources

In-Class Activity

Look at each of the articles linked below. With your group, determine if the following apply to each article:

  • Scholarly (Is the journal peer-reviewed? Is it at least 5 pages? Does it cite other sources? Is it an article instead of an opinion piece or review?)
  • Sociological (If it is scholarly, then does the author have a degree in sociology or a related field? Is the journal published by the ASA? Does the journal have sociology in the title?)
  • Could I use this article as one of my 6 required source?