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COMM 205 Trenary: Find Articles

Example of a research study that contains a Method section

Finding, citing, and downloading your article

Use only Communication & Mass Media Complete database to conduct your search.

Use a broad keyword or keyword phrase to get a big number of results starting out. Then, use one or two more keywords to narrow your results until you have a browse-able number of results that are a good fit for your topic. This is known as a "broad-to-narrow" search strategy.


I'm interested to know if people how date online end up having successful relationships. In my keywords below, I'll identify synonyms describing online dating, and type OR between these in the search box. This should increase the number of results I'll get.  

Keywords:  online dating OR dating apps OR internet dating AND success OR marriage OR achievement OR longevity

online dating OR dating apps OR internet dating = 228 results.

Add success OR achievement OR marriage OR longevity = 24 results.

Checkmark the Peer Reviewed box on the left side of your screen = 17 results.  

  • No link to "Full Text?" The Find It button searches for the article in our other databases.
  • In your results list, which of these are original research studies? Tip: find the METHODS section. See the example article in the box on the left side of this page.


To cite your article, use the citation generator that is built into the database.

Click on the title of the article you'd like to cite. The citation generator is the small gold document on the right side of the screen among several tools. 


Upon opening the citation generator, scroll down to APA. This is where you can copy the full citation. 

To download your article, open the PDF link, and select the download icon. This opens a box where you can name the article file and download it to your computer. Make sure you know where on your computer the article is being saved.