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Diversity & Inclusion Committee Activities: Events

See previous events SU Libraries has held below.

LGBT History Month

AIDS Quilt

In awareness of October 2018's LGBT History Month, SU Libraries collaborated with SU Public Humanities Committee and student organizations LGBTQ+ Alliance, Sexual Health and Advocacy Group (SHAG), and Sexuality and Gender Awareness (SAGA) to host several events. The programming centered around bringing a section of the historic AIDS Memorial Quilt to be exhibited on campus for the month of October.

Events included a reception in honor of the Quilt, student hosted Drag Show & Tell drag show, screening of the film Major!, a panel discussion "Stigma in the Fabric of Society", and a screening of the film Philadelphia. For a more detailed description of events, see the guide below.

quilt section depicts an aerial view of the Danbury prison where individual sections represent the prison cells. You can also see trees, pathways, and an exercise track representing the outside of hte prison. A plane at the top flies a banner reading "Pray for the Dead and Fight like hell for the Living." A tombstone at the bottom reads "Made by the women prisoners of F.C.I. Danbury 1996".

Room filled with chairs and a panel of speakers at the front.

small crowd of people gather near a food table on the second floor of the Hungry Minds Cafe. There is a mix of faculty and students.

Transgender Observances

Each November beginning in 2022, the SU Libraries have partnered with the LGBTQ+ Alliance and Housing & Residence Life to hold a clothing drive and Walk-in Closet in honor of Transgender Awareness month. While the 2-day walk-in closet event is open and welcoming to all, its primary purpose is to provide free gender-affirming clothing to those in need. Sample flyers for both events are below.

Flyer for 2022 clothing drive in honor of transgender awareness month

Flyer advertising the 2022 event "A walk-in closet in celebration of transgender awareness month. All are welcome to try on and take gently used, gend

The display sign for Trans Day of Remembrance. Indicates a much higher rate of murder for black trans women (1 in 2,600) vs the entire US population (1 in 19,000). "Each chair represents a trans person murdered in 2019".

Row of chairs with a photo of a murdered trans person from 2019 Blue, pink, and white 3D printed lotus with lights inside and flowers