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Guide Infographic Descriptions

Descriptions to supplement alt text for involved infographics.

Scholarly or Popular?

Table describing the difference between scholarly and popular resources in several common areas.
Indicator Scholarly Sources Popular Sources
Author Can always tell who wrote it; author is an expert in the field with available credentials Name or credentials may not be provided; has little to no expertise on the subject
Audience Written in jargon for other professionals in the field to understand Written in non-technical language anyone can understand
Editor Reviewed by a board of experts (Peer Review) Reviewed not by experts in the field, but by a staff editor
Citations Sources are referenced with in-text citations and a bibliography References to outside sources are rare and do not include a bibliography
Length Longer articles with in-depth analysis, generally at least five pages long Shorter articles with a broader topic focus
Format Clear sections like an abstract, literature review, methodology, results, conclusion, and bibliography. May include illustrations that directly support the text like a table or graph. Does not follow any particular structure. Images may be glossy color photographs or include advertisements.