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Biographies of Businesspeople: Home

A guide to finding autobiographies, biographies, and memoirs of businesspeople and leaders.

Autobiographies, Biographies, Memoirs: What's the Difference?

An autobiography is a story about a person's life written in their own words, usually in first person.

A biography is a story written about a person's life written by another person, usually in third person.

A memoir is a collection of memories shared by an individual usually about a specific time or event in a person's life.

Sometimes these terms are used interchangeably. 

Borrowing Books from Other Libraries

If a book is not available in SU Libraries, we can check to see if it is available through other libraries in the University System of Maryland. If not we can request it through Interlibrary Loan. You can access your account below. For information on how ILL works and how to set up your account, go here.

Who to read about?

There are tons of articles, blogs, and lists available online that can help you find your next read. Google something like "best business biographies" and browse away!

Google Web Search

Below are some example lists of business biographies:

Or, browse lists of successful leaders or business people and then search to see if they have a biography, autobiography or memoir.

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