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ATTR 501: Injury/Illness Prevention: Introduction


In class, you will develop a clinical (PICO) question on a health-related topic specific to the athletic training profession or patient population. You will then perform a scholarly search of the available literature that best answers and supports your clinical question. Select at minimum 10-12 peer-reviewed, scholarly articles that best support your clinical bottom line (CBL) . When selecting articles, be sure to critique validity and credibility. Evidence should be used throughout the paper. Please utilize AMA citation style. Synthesize your selected articles to form an organized, thoughtful, and accurate CBL. Organize and style your paper using ATs as your audience. The CBL should include the following sections:

  1. Title: Introduce the focus of the CBL in a creative and clear way.
  2. Introduction or background: What is the purpose of this CBL? Why is it important? What is the literature saying?
  3. Clinical Question: Concisely state your clinical/PICO question.
  4. Search terms: What keywords did you use to search for your articles?
  5. Findings: What are the major, consistent, or meaningful results from the articles you selected? Synthesize the information (don't just summarize) and make clear connections to how these findings support (or refute) your PICO/hypothesis.
  6. Clinical Bottom Line: What's the conclusion? What is your recommendation based on the literature? How does or could this CBL apply to AT clinical practice? Why is this CBL important for ATs to know or apply in their setting?
  7. References: AMA style (in-text and bibliography)

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