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ATTR 501: Injury/Illness Prevention: Introduction


In class, you will develop a clinical (PICO) question on a health-related topic specific to the athletic training profession or patient population.  You will then perform a scholarly search of the available literature that best answers and supports your clinical question.  Select, at minimum, 5 peer-reviewed, scholarly articles which may help answer your PICO question.  You will need to clearly and concisely synthesize each peer reviewed article. Each article synthesis should be a minimum of 1 page in length. At the end of the annotated bibliography you will provide a conclusion section which will provide a succinct yet comprehensive answer to your PICO question. Please utilize AMA citation style.

The Annotated Bibliography should include the following sections:

  1. Title Page (should identify a title/focus area)
    1. Must include: Submitted for Review to Matthew Campbell, ATTR 501: Injury and Illness Prevention, Salisbury University. July 2020
  2. Clinical Question (concisely state your clinical/PICO question)
  3. Annotated Bibliography (Clearly articulate the following items)
    1. Purpose of the study
    2. Hypothesis/research questions
    3. Participants/sample
    4. Methods
    5. Results
    6. What does what you found mean
  4. Conclusion (What did you find, did it answer your question)
  5. References
    1. Scholarly, peer-reviewed
    2. AMA style (in-text and bibliography) accurate and liberally used
    3. Selected appropriately (i.e. use CRAAP method)
  6. Formatting:
    1. Page maximum: 6 pages (not including reference page)
    2. Include bolded sub-headings
    3. Single-spaced, 1” margins
    4. Arial or Times New Roman fonts

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