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AHPH 532: Exercise Metabolism and Muscle Physiology

How can this guide help you?

Welcome to the LibGuide for AHPH 532: Exercise Metabolism and Muscle Physiology. This guide is intended to assist students as they complete the review paper and oral presentation assignments for this course.

How can this guide help you?

  1. Develop a research topic based on preliminary research.
  2. Broaden or narrow a research topic based on interest and resources found.
  3. Utilize keywords from a research topic to search for resources.
  4. Discover the library resources available to students.
  5. Differentiate between scholarly, peer-reviewed sources vs. popular sources.
  6. Request materials not owned by SU Libraries through Interlibrary Loan.
  7. Evaluate sources based on disciplinary standards.
  8. Cite sources in the proper style based on disciplinary standards.

Should you have any questions about this LibGuide or the research you're doing for class, please reach out to the Applied Health Physiology Librarian (information listed at the side).