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SOCI 220: Assignment

Library Instruction Goals

This guide can help you:

Form an approach to initiating the reserach assignment.

Explore topics for your paper or project. What motivates you?

Know differences betwen scholarly and popular resources.

Explore SU Library's information resources.

Start to gather information for an assignment.

    +Assignment and research approach

    SOCI 220 The Family

    In order for term papers to be judged solely on the merits of the material presented in the text, it is necessary that each paper meet the basic requirements of research/term paper writing. Papers are graded according to the following criteria: papers (and presentations) are to extend knowledge beyond the materials used in this course.

    7  FULL pages of content; this does not include the title page and bibliography.  Some may have run over this limit by one or two pages, but none should be shorter. Begin the text on the top line of the first page. Do not use headers nor repeat the title. The paper should flow smoothly from one thought to another so organize carefully. No personal experiences included; no personal opinions evident in the content. No “I” statements should appear in the text.

    A minimum of 8 sources must come from scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles written within the last 5 years. You are required to use Salisbury University’s search engines to locate your sources.

    The bibliography of sources is to have ALL appropriate information: Author(s), publication year, title of article, journal you obtained it from, volume and number, relevant page ranges for your paper,. These are to be listed alphabetically by first author’s last name. Each source is worth five points.  (See texts for examples on how to do this properly)

     Citations appear with author(s) last name, year of publication (e.g. Smith 2012,  Carillo 2008), (and page number when directly quoting.) If no citations appear, the paper is either plagiarized or strictly an opinion paper resulting in 0 points for the semester project grade. Plagiarism, is using the ideas, information, or facts of other people as your own. It is your job to know how to properly cite sources in your paper. In this case, more is better; if one were to make mistakes in citing sources, it would be better if you gave them too frequently rather than not enough.

    Manage & Organize

    ProQuest RefWorks is a citation management tool. It helps you keep track of all your sources. There are many different ones out there, but RefWorks is the only one support by SU Libraries.

    You can check out this guide for help or ask a librarian!