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Physical Education

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Browse by Call Number

These are call number subsections you might want to browse for books related to physical education topics:

  • GV181-200- Physical Education/Outdoor Education
  • GV201-555- Physical Education/Training
  • GV445- Physical Education/Adapted Education
  • GV557-1198.995- Sports
  • GV706- Sports Psychology
  • LB1587-1588- Health Education/School Health​
  • RA440.5- Health Education/Community Health​

For a more detailed breakdown of the call number ranges, visit the Library of Congress Classification Outline

Find Your Book

If you find a physical book, it will have something called a call number. The call number is like its home address. Copy and paste any call number into the Call Number Locator below to see where it lives in the library. 

A call number will look something like this: 

SF408.3 .E84 1995

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