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MGMT 325 Ethics Paper: Home

First Stop for the Term Paper

Welcome from your Librarian

I am your business research and instruction librarian. If you ever wish to contact me, I am only an email away,


What You'll Find on this Guide

  • Polls and data
  • Databases
  • Articles

Improving your sources

So you picked your readings and are ready to write your paper? It's important to not only rely on the readings Professor McDermott supplied. In order to appropriately discuss an issue, you are going to need to supply some context. 


Here are a few questions you should ask:

  1. How current is my understanding of the issue? Time scope may mean you need to look for older topics
  2. Are there similar issues occurring in other places? This may include other regions and industries
  3. Can I find other formats discussing my issue? While news articles are a great place to start, other genres may explore your topic differently


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