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GEOG 419: Find Articles

For students in Advanced Geographic Information Science with Dr. Lembo.


This Guide will help you find quality information for your GIS project. Return to this Guide to find peer-reviewed scholarly articles, books, data sources, reliable websites, and more. Questions about finding, evaluating, or using your sources? Contact me - I can help!

Best Bets

Key GIS Journals

Below are some important GIS journal titles. Contact me if you need help finding more journals or specific articles. I can also help with questions about the difference between journal and article (and other library jargon), peer-review, open access, and selecting the information you need. 

SU Doesn't Have It?

Research Tools

In addition to ChatGPT and other natural language processing models, there are many AI-supported tools to help you with research. If you find more tools, send me an email and I'll add them to this guide!