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GEOG 203: Globalization & the World Economy: Find Company Information

Find articles, company and business info, books, statistics, and citation help.

Find Company Info

One of the most important elements in business, finance, and economics is company information. Company information might include stocks, company news, industry trends, yearly reports, and projected sales. You can find information for some companies via a Google search, but the library has databases that provide more specific and in-depth information about companies and industries. These library resources can make your search easier, and I can show you how to use them!

Company Databases


The US Federal Government creates a code for each industry to help with statistical analysis and company comparison. This code is called a NAICS code. Sometimes the codes use odd descriptors (government, what can you say!). Try a few simple synonyms as search terms to locate your industry. 

For example, the NAICS code for "chicken production (except egg laying)" is 112320.