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ENVR 320: Environmental Justice: Summit Day Discussion


1. Begin by reading the principle to yourself three times.

a. Is the principle a single idea or does it contain multiple sub-ideas that each relate to one another?

2. Pay some attention to the “verb” associated with your principle. Does EJ, according to the document, “affirm,” or “demand,” etc.? What does that mean?

3. What are the key words or phrases in your principle?

a. Having identified these, what are the different ways of understanding these terms?

b. Are they used in other contexts like social movements, law, academia, or elsewhere?

4. What is the historical context of this principle? What was going on in the 1980s and 1990s (or before) to make this principle a salient need in the document?

5. How does this principle fit into the larger themes and ideas we’ve seen associated with the environmental justice movement?

a. How does it relate to the ideas in the preamble? (in the EJ principles document)

b. How does it relate to other principles in the document?



A) Go back to steps 1-5. For each step, where might you gain additional information to inform your analysis? What kinds of research do you need to do.

B) Relating to A: which areas seem hardest to research?