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CHEM 221/222: Organic Chemistry: Intro

Orgo I&II study tools, quizzes, readings, and more resources to help you succeed. Organized by topic in alphabetical order.

Books on Reserve

The following titles are on reserve at the library service desk for organic chemistry. Every chapter in Organic Chemistry I&II has practice problems. The Preparing for Your ACS Examination in Organic Chemistry study guide also has online versions. Check these books out with your Gull Card for 2-hour use within the GAC. Scanners are available on the first floor.

Organic Chemistry

In this guide, you'll find a variety of study resources to help you better understand the chemical concepts taught in CHEM 221 and 222, as well as opportunities to quiz yourself on these concepts. These resources include practice problems, online lectures, textbooks and other readings, and quizzes.

Use the tabs at the top (listed in alphabetical order) to navigate to various orgo concepts. 

Helpful Reference and Readings

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