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CHEM 222: Session Intro & Assignment

Skills Mastered:

By completing this project you will learn how to:

a.     Learn and practice retrosynthetic analysis

b.     Master literature research tools that aid in retrosynthetic analysis

c.    Gain fluency with molecule drawing software

d.    Understand how to break down the costs that affect how syntheses are carried out

e.  Understand and practice creating an ACS formatted annotated bibliography.  

Paper Requirements

Paper should at a minimum include:

1)     Background – Present any relevant information as to why your assigned compound is important.

2)     Results – any experimental data and synthesis

3)     Budget – a easy to follow budget table that has at a minimum: MW, # of equivalents, and amount required for each step, name of chemical, CAS #, Vendor, Catalog #, unit price, extended price, and quantity of item purchased.

4)     Cost analysis – A paragraph that looks at the various ways to synthesize your target and determines which would be the most practical

Other Information

1)     In groups of 2 to 3…each provide unique synthesis of 2-5 steps, provide a joint/common concluding paragraph that does a cost comparison analysis of each of the synthetic routes.

2)     From your group choose a target from the provided list.

3)     Max 2 pages + title page

4)     Using SciFinder, provide a synthesis from commercially available material for your assigned compound.

5)     Provide primary references for each of your steps in the form of an annotated bibliography.

6)     Give a cost analysis for the materials you would need to make 1 g of product based on the reported yields for each step.

a.     For some targets, 1 to 5 steps may be possible. If you find a shorter path from a commercially available source - Do a cost comparison for the two methods.

b.     Maybe you can buy your compound, do a cost analyses.

7)     Hyperlink references & supporting information if available

8)     Acceptable Chemical vendor include, but not limited to…Alpha Aesor, Aldrich, AstaTech , Acros, TCI America, Fisher (Some chemicals may be regulated and a price/availability may not show. If so try other vendors)

9)     In your synthesis, aim for a starting material that is <$500 for 10 g.

Chemical Vendors

Acceptable vendors include, but aren't limited to:

  • Alpha Aesor
  • Aldrich
  • Asta Tech
  • Akros
  • TCI America

 - approximate maximum cost of chemicals: 10 g/<$500 -