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BIOL 201 / 202: Welcome!


Welcome to the main library page for BIOL 201 / 202.  Here you will find all of the information you need for any library-based assignment or research-based need related to BIOL 201 and BIOL 202.  


In the tabs along the top of the guide, you will find additional information about the Scavenger Hut,
the BIOL 201/202 Journal Article tutorial, and the Virtual Escape Room!

Types of Scientific Literature

Primary Literature Secondary Literature
  • Tertiary Literature
  • Original research and/or new discoveries!
  • Research activities that have immediate results.
  • Data analyses from information collected in the field or generated in the lab.
  • Summaries of someone else's original research article.
  • A book covering scientific research that has happened in a specific area.


  • Condensed versions of materials under a single subject heading.
  • A piece that references primary or secondary literature sources.
  • "Overview" materials that summarize an entire subject in just a few pages.


Peer-reviewed & published journal articles

Dissertations (Example - for your PhD)

Technical reports

Conference Proceedings


A review of current trends in _____ (genetics; neurobiology; virology; etc.)







"Facts on File" type sites