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MUSC 306: Music History II: Assignment

Th inside of a steel drum, Black and White, the different areas that make different notes are outlined and labeled in chalk
Photo by John, CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0

World Music Project

World Music Project - Due Wednesday – April 17

  1. Choose a musical instrument in a musical tradition that is something other than you are familiar with.
  2. Focus on how this instrument is used in a particular style and form.
  3. How does this instrument fit into a particular country (if more than one country, please list all the countries), and culture(s).
  4. Explain how this instrument is used.
  5. How does this instrument relate and impact on the religious, cultural and/or political expressions of the country it is from?
  6. How is the instrument made? What materials are used?
  7. Do a power point presentation of no more than 8-10 slides answering the questions.
  8. Be able to do a sample download of the instrument in class with the presentation
  9. Include a short bibliography that includes at least 5 sources from books, reference materials such as dictionaries, encyclopedias or scholarly articles or websites but points will be taken off if you only use websites. Wikipedia and many other websites that are not peer reviewed are NOT reliable sources. 

Hand in a hard copy of your presentation they day it is presented

Manage & Organize

‚ÄčProQuest RefWorks - Source citation tool

Please sign into your RefWorks account. Keep RefWorks open in a tab at the top of your web browser.

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