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ELED 350 Literature for Children: Find Books

The study of classic and contemporary literature for children, with an emphasis on selecting and incorporating a wide variety of literature into the elementary and middle school curriculum.

Finding Books

Print Books:
Finding books is fairly easy. There are two primary collections at your disposal in two different buildings on the SU campus:

  • Curriculum Resource Center (CRC) Collections in Conway Hall 226 - we have around 14,000 titles in 12 separate collections; Caldecott, Easy, General (Fiction & Non-Fiction), Historical Fiction, International, Foreign Language, Maryland, Environmental, and Big Books. Books are arranged by Dewey Classification.
    • This is a donated collection of more recent titles, primarily gifted by Seidel Education faculty who routinely add more recent titles from their areas of interest.
  • Juvenile Collection on the third floor in the main library in the Guerrieri Academic Commons (GAC) - we have around 14,000 titles located at the beginning of the collections on the third floor. Books are arranged by Library of Congress Classification.
    • This is a purchased collection that began with the first small library in Holloway Hall when it was the only building on campus. Consequently, it is an older collection containing historically significant children's literature from different eras. New and award winning books are added every year.

Either collection may be browsed by hand or the contents may be searched by using the SU Libraries online classic catalog or by using the search widget in the Book Search box below right.

Online Books:
There are two database one may search for full text books as well, as seen in the Recommended Databases box below left.

Recommended Databases

To access the following databases from off-campus, you will need to log in using your SU username and password:
EBSCO eBook Collection

Call Number Locator

Recommended Guides

Book Search

Direct Borrowing

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Google Books Search

On occasion, older books and those not under copyright restrictions can be found full-text on the Web.