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CHEM 222: SciFinder Scholar

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SciFinder Scholar (Note that the database link works for both on-campus and off-campus access equally.)


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Help videos

These on-demand SciFinder® training resources are short, targeted materials, organized by search type. Those marked with an asterisk(*) are designed to help get you started quickly with searching in SciFinder. Special topics for more advanced users are also available.

New and occasional users may also find SciFinder Virtual Classes helpful. Listen to recordings or Register to attend a live, online session for instruction and help from a SciFinder expert, plus a chance for hands-on practice.

Check the Training & Events Calendar for details on instructor-led training.

New - Need-to-Know Videos

Three minutes of practical, real-world applications of SciFinder features and capabilities.(Special thanks to Dr. Michael Christiansen of Utah State University for his contributions to these videos.)

Structure Searching

Reaction Searching

Reference Searching

General Topics

Subject Guide

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