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POSC 110: Legislative Resources


The resources listed below have been chosen as specifically helpful to your assignment. Additionally, you may well want to check your representative's office website or give them a call for information.

Dictrict Information

Member information

Searching in

Most useful for this assignment, you can search legislation or members

For legislation simply select "All legislation" in the drop down menu and enter the area or specific legislation you are interested in.

For members, simply scroll down for "Current Members of Congress" as indicated to the right.

You can look for specific member of the House or Browse by State.

Information available includes:

  • links to official biographies
  • committee assignments
  • members' remarks in congressional records
  • legislation sponsored or co-sponsored by the member


Financial Information

Searching Open Secrets

Navigate with the top menu. Particularly useful to this assignment: under the "Politicians and Elections" tab choose "congressional Elections". You can search by candidate or state.

Again, the top menu, as seen to the right here, will be your key for navigation. You can view election data, which industries, PAC;s, and individual donors who have donated to the representative's election campaign, a breakdown of funds by geographic location (in and out of state), and much more!