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ENVH 110: Session Introduction & Assignment

+Library Instruction Goals

This guide should help you:

  • Form an approach to initiating an assignment.
  • Use keywords related to your chosen case study topic.
  • Distinguish the differences between popular and scientific journal articles.
  • Explore the library's information resources.
  • Evaluate the information you are finding on your topic.  
  • Select three journal articles to use for your analysis.  
  • Cite the journal articles in proper APA format.

Assignment and Research

For this assignment, you will be doing an in-depth update of one of the Case Studies from your text book.  You may choose any of the case studies in the text for your analysis, but each student must do a different case study.  

1.  Read and examine the case study thoroughly.  Make notes on the relevant facts and key issues presented.

2.  Use the library databases to find at least three journal article references to use for your analysis that specifically concern the Case Study you are updating.  You are looking to update the information to current knowledge on the topic - meaning new since the text material was published.  

3.  Cite your journal article references in APA style.