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Systematic Reviews: Stay Up To Date

Let's be honest - conducting a systematic literature review is WORK.  And once you get done with it, you don't want to keep doing the same level of work over & over again to stay on top of things. 


For once, technology is our friend in this regard, as there are lots of different ways that you can stay on top of new developments in your field. 

Just about every journal - irregardless of our subscription status as a library - allows you to get Table of Content alerts sent your way every time a new issue comes out.  Sometimes you can do this directly through our database(s), other times you do it directly from the journal's website itself.  It all depends on each unique title.  

Science (direct via website) American Journal of
Diseases of Children 
(via SU database)

The alerts that come to your mailbox can be detailed or can be simple, but they always include a way for you to get further information on what was just released....

Databases have all sorts of ways to keep you up to date on the newest information they are being sent from individual journals.  You can take advantage of this by creating free accounts with them and using their 'Alert' systems to keep yourself always-informed.  You can have saved searches automatically run for you, topic alerts, and journal/book-series alerts sent to you as well.  



Science Direct Recommendations:


External platforms like Mendeley rely on linkages between journal articles and research interests to make suggestions to you.  Uploading journal articles that are in your research area gives the platform more information to go on, and correspondingly the recommendations become more and more on-topic.