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This project is worth 35% of your final grade.  There are four parts to the project:  individual Article Reading Summary (10%), Group Research Paper (15%), Group Presentation (5%); Presentation Evaluations (5%).

Individual Article Reading Summary (10%)

Each member of the group will select a scholarly journal article or book chapter of at least 15-pages (not including references) and write a summary of it.  Make sure to coordinate your selections as a group, so that you can use them collectively to write a single paper, and to ensure you do not duplicate your efforts.  You will share the articles and summaries with the other members of your group.  You must also submit a copy of the article prior to submitting your summary.

Summary Length:  750-1,000 words

Group Research Paper (15%)

Develop a thesis, which may be supported by your individual articles.  Additional research may be done however, it should not be necessary if you coordinate the selection of your articles carefully. 


Format:  The paper should be 1,250- to 1,750-words in length (not including citations), for a group with 5-members.

During COVID-19 Restrictions

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