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HONR 111 (McCarty): Session Introduction & Assignment

Research Approach

Sometimes, a structured approach to research can help to organize ideas and the way you think about information sources:  

1. Explore topic basics (casual web searching)
2. Background (library catalog: books)
3. Current research (library databases: journal articles)
4. Support your argument (source citation)
5. Drafts & revisions (research librarians & Writing Center)


Paper #1:  An Argument Using Contextual Sources

Select a topic presented in one of the Weeks 1-5 readings and develop an original argument that explains how your topic is significant to the fields of psychology and media, the psychology of media, using media for psychology, etc. In other words: how does your selected topic impact, support, or challenge the authors’ established position or research goals. Your analysis should be rooted in the texts from Weeks 1-5 and incorporate reference to at least two of the common sources from class to support your argument. Your argument should also incorporate reference from two additional peer-reviewed sources you locate through independent searching.  Your paper should include a 100-150 word abstract and a cover letter.

(4–5 pages; choose a citation style appropriate to your discipline; 10% of total course grade)

Information Cycle

Infographic of the Information cycle: Day of is Television, Radio, and Internet; Day after is Newspapers; Week after is popular magazines; Months after is scholarly journals; Year after is books and government publications; years after is reference books

Manage & Organize

‚ÄčProQuest RefWorks - Source citation tool

Please sign into your RefWorks account. Keep RefWorks open in a tab at the top of your web browser.