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FINA 311 & 447 Project Dr. Khazeh: Home

About This Guide

This guide includes recommend resources and starting points to begin your research for FINA 331 and FINA 447 assignments. 

Use the tabs to navigate to specific resources. For further information or assistance in using any of the resources mentioned throughout this guide, please contact the Business Librarian.

+Library Guide Goals

This guide should help you:

Explore SU Libraries resources.

Evaluate resources and identify the best resources for a particular information need.

Begin to gather information for an assignment.

FINA 311 Financial Management

This guide contains recommended resources and starting points for the Financial Statements Analysis project for FINA 311 with Dr. Kashi Khazeh. Use the tabs to navigate. The databases we analyzed in class are listed under Database Evaluation Activity. A list of alternative databases for you to browse are under More Business Databases. For strategies and tips on using these databases for a particular purpose (company vs. industry information, locating annual reports, etc.), see Resources and Search Strategies.

Should you need any assistance with your research, please contact Robin Vickery, the business librarian.

Why do financial ratios matter?

Ratio analysis is used to evaluate various aspects of a company's operating and financial performance such as its efficiency, liquidity, profitability and solvency. The trend of these ratios over time is studied to check whether they are improving or deteriorating. Ratios are also compared across different companies in the same sector to see how they stack up, and to get an idea of comparative valuations. (Ratio Analysis. (2017). Investopedia. Retrieved from

FINA 447