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COMM 101 Trenary: Journal Article Assignment 1


The electronic resources that I have included within this guide can be accessed using the same SU Username & Password. that you use to log into Gullnet and MyClasses

As an SU student, you have access to all of the electronic tools and resources that SU Libraries has to offer from anywhere in the world! 

Outward differences between popular magazines and scholarly journals

Primary Research Article Example

STEP ONE: Review your assignment's requirements

  • Students in each colony must find one original research study published in a scholarly journal (also known as a peer-reviewed journal).
  • Your article must relate to the colony’s topic context.

Instructions for completing this assignment are provided videos at each Step below. You will need to log into MyClasses in order to view these videos. 

STEP TWO: Find your article in Communication & Mass Media Complete database

Use the example keywords in red text and numbered steps below to practice locating your article in the Comm & Mass Media Complete database.

Keywords:  ​public communication     media/journalism    ethics

  1. public communication= 4000+ results.
  2. Add media= 100+ results. Notice your results are now much more specific.
  3. Limit to scholarly journals. Checkmark the Peer Reviewed box on the left side of your screen.
  4. Do the same to limit to Full Text (articles that you can access immediately)
  5. Which of these are original research studies? Tip: find the METHOD section.
  6. Use the date limiter to weed out very old articles. Try to find articles published within the last ten years or so.

Communication & Mass Media Complete database allows you to search through almost 1000 communication-specific news and research publications. 

STEP THREE: Post your article in MyClasses

Now that you have selected your article: 

  1. Save a PDF copy of your article.
  2. Create your APA citation. 
  3. Generate your permalink to the article. 
  4. Copy and paste your citation, you link, and attach the PDF of your article in a post in your colony's MyClasses discussion list.