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IDIS 280 Business of Creativity: Evaluating Resources

A guide to support the marketing aspects of IDIS 280

Evaluation Checklists and Resources

Considerations for Evaluating Scholarly Articles

"Surface Level" Criteria -- Items you can evaluate simply based on the article citation and abstract. No other resource is required.

  • Title
    • ‚ÄčDoes it sound relevant to your needs?
  • Publication Date
  • Focus of Article
    • Look at the Subjects or Keywords listed for that article, and read the Abstract to gain a quick sense of the subject of the article.
    • Topic: What's the main focus? Does it directly relate to your topic, or is it peripheral? Does it have a narrower or wider focus than your topic?
    • Geographic: Does the study pertain to the same geography you had in mind?
    • Demographic: How about the target population of the article, or the study participants?
    • Historic: Do the authors focus on a current issue, or are they reviewing historical data/information?

"Larger Context" Criteria -- Items that require using outside resources to investigate and resolve

  • Publication Source
    • Where was the article published? (What website, journal, newspaper, etc.)
    • Does the publication make sense considering the topic of your research?
    • How's the publication's reputation and quality? See resources below.
      • Note on searching the three websites below: the search engines are very particular. Pay attention to how you're typing in the journal's title.
      • Change between using "&" or "and" within a title
      • Eliminate or add introductory articles ("The Journal of..." vs. "Journal of...")
      • Type in part of the title and let the search engine populate the rest
      • Add quotation marks around the entire title