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IDIS 280 Business of Creativity: Market Segment Research

A guide to support the marketing aspects of IDIS 280

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For more resources and strategies, visit the following guides:

Professional Organizations

Looking for more specific resources or industry specific insights? Try finding associations and newsletters.

Companies will often join professional organizations that promote their industries, and you can often find information that isn't published broadly from these sites. 

Similarly, these organizations often publish news letters and host conferences, these are often free and readily available.

Target Market & Consumer Research

My Rule of Thumb

Try Statista first. Look for broad studies and then look for more specific ones.

Industry Specific Information

Professor Danderson's Suggestions Spring 2020 


National Cannabis Industry Association:

The industry newsletter:

Marajuana Dispensary Newsletter: 

Cannabis Dispensary Magazine:

Interesting economic data:

Cannabis industry analytics:

Kansas City Fed Report on Colorado:‚Äč



Restaurant Association: Reports such as this monthly update:

The National Restaurant Association:

as well as this one:



Here is the recording studio industry association (they have some excellent resources):

Mix: Library Proxy 

And the professional musicians association: