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A Novel Idea!: Fiction

 by Beanbag Amerika.  No changes made.  Used under Creative Commons license permission.


Little Fires Everywhere

Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng was a poignant study of people and choices we make. What leads us to become who we are? Which choices change our lives? How do we define ourselves, become entangled with others, and how do those entitlements affect us?


This book centers around Pia Grazdani, a medical researcher at an outfit called, you guessed it, Nano. The head of Nano is insensitive, a psychopath, a womanizer, and of course, runs a corrupt organization.

Child of a Rainless Year


















Child of a Rainless Year by Jane Lindskold reads a bit like an Isabel Allende novel, with artistic descriptions and mystery surrounding the whole story. The book is a bit slow in parts but ultimately, a girl who is told she was born in a year without rain, fulfilling, weaving together magic, mystery, and a little bit of romance, in telling of a young girl’s story as she grows into womanhood.

The Sinner's Guide to Confession

The Sinners Guide to Confession by Phyllis Schieber is well-done chic literature, taking chic literature beyond the beach book of the younger set to a story of three friends in their 50’s who are keeping… shhh… secrets.

Looking for Alaska


















Looking for Alaska is an award-winning novel by John Green, and no, it is not talking about Alaska the state. Green organizes the book into two main parts: “Before” and “After.” He keeps you wondering all the way up until the last page of the “Before” section what event symbolizes the “Before” and why there must be an “After.”


Girl on a Train

The main character Anna Rothman meets a girl on a train, Elly Swift. The girl is killed on the train tracks, and the police think it is suicide, Anna is not convinced and begins to suspect murder.


This book is funny and silly. Actually it was laugh out loud funny. I especially liked it because it didn't have any colorful language and since I noticed that, it made me wonder if this was a young adult novel, and sure enough it was. But I really liked it, such an easy fast read, great for the beach or a plane ride. It is about a family in Florida, near the Everglades, who live on a farm with lots of animals. These animals (snakes, alligators, etc.) are used by television and movie studios, when they make movies, nature programs, etc.

Nights in Rodanthe
















Nights in Rodanthe is one of Nicholas Sparks’ older novels but one that I had to read before watching the movie, which stars Richard Gere and Diane Lane. It is a very easy read and somewhat reminds me of one of Sparks’ other novels, The Notebook, because its main character tells a story within the story itself.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

book cover of Harry Potter



Yes, I’m aware that I’m very late to the party but I finally had to read this novel to see what everyone’s been talking about. I have many friends and family members who love the Harry Potter series and I must say that I’m now a huge fan as well. The national bestseller by J.K. Rowling begins with a flashback to the beginning of Harry Potter’s life. His Uncle Vernon started noticing very odd things happening around him, such as seeing people huddled together in long cloaks and a mysterious black cat lingering by his home. He even thought he heard one of the people in cloaks say something about the Potter’s, who are Vernon’s in-laws because his wife, Petunia, had a sister who married a Potter. However, Vernon and Petunia Dursley never see or even speak of the Potter’s. That same night that Vernon noticed strange things happening, baby Harry Potter was placed on the Dursley’s front doorstep because his aunt and uncle are the only family he has left. Then, just over ten years pass, and readers are brought to the present.