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Maryland Register - What is it?

The Maryland Register is COMAR’s temporary supplement, printing all changes to regulations as soon as they occur. At least once annually, the changes to regulations printed in the Maryland Register are incorporated into COMAR by means of permanent supplements.

The Maryland Register is an official State publication published every other week throughout the year. A cumulative index is published quarterly.
The Maryland Register is the temporary supplement to the Code of Maryland Regulations. Any change to the text of regulations published in COMAR, whether by adoption, amendment, repeal, or emergency action, must first be published in the Register.
The following information is also published regularly in the Register:
• Governor’s Executive Orders
• Governor’s Appointments to State Offices
• Attorney General’s Opinions in full text
• Open Meetings Compliance Board Opinions in full text
• State Ethics Commission Opinions in full text
• Court Rules
• District Court Administrative Memoranda
• Courts of Appeal Hearing Calendars
• Agency Hearing and Meeting Notices
• Synopses of Bills Introduced and Enacted by the General Assembly
• Other documents considered to be in the public interest

NOTE:The archived editions start with Vol 45 Issue 3-30-2018.   Print editions are available at the GAC in Government Documents on the third floor for the following dates: (1974-2012:Mar) and (2019:Oct.11-present)