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GEOG 262: Geography of Sport: Library Day #3


Before you can design anything for your team, you need to know all about the history of your city.

Use these resources below to get a better sense of what your city is all about, and what your team uniforms/logos/mascots should reflect....


  • Wikipedia.  Believe it or not, Wikipedia can be great for exactly this sort of thing.



  • Your city's official "government" page.  Go to Google, type in the name of your city + .gov
    • EXAMPLE:  

E-Book Search

E-Books are going to be a great place for you to look for information about your city's history!  When I did a search on "San Jose" and history, I came up with 52 results (click the image below to be taken directly to my search results.)  

Looking through some of these titles, I'm sure that at least one or two of the would give me excellent information to use in a poster about the newly-formed California Gold Sox!

A Note About JSTOR eBooks

In the event that you find a book in JSTOR that looks like we have access, but when you actually click on the JSTOR link it says we don't, do not despair! In most cases, those books can be purchased quickly.

Email Martha Zimmerman with a screenshot of the book you want to access.

Taylor and Francis eBooks

SU Libraries also has a collection of books from Taylor and Francis. Those books cannot be searched for via the catalog search box above. Instead, search the Taylor and Francis database below directly. 


There are lots of uniform generators out there -- here are some to get you started!


Logos and mascots are also exceedingly important parts of all sports teams, and are developed/created with the team & city history in mind.  Create yours accordingly!