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COMM 297 Egan: Review: Article Databases

Why use articles?

Why use articles for research?

  • For very recent, current information
  • Cover very specific subjects
  • Popular topics
  • Alternative viewpoints
  • Reports on scholarly research

The basics: searching in databases

Keywords:  ‚Äč  girls   teens    interest levels     sciences          

1. girls or teenage girls = 77,000+ results.

2. Add interest = 2,000+ results.

3. Add   science =  800+

  • Limit to scholarly journals. Checkmark the Peer Reviewed box on the left side of your screen.
  • No link to "Full Text?" The Find It button searches for the article in our other databases.
  • Which of these are original research studies? Tip: find the METHODS section.
  • Can limit by Date. Last twenty years?

4. How might we narrow this search a bit more? Geographical?


Education Source database




Wikipedia, Plagiarism, Copyright, Digital Libraries, Google, Open Source, Lack of Privacy, Censorship, Workforce Literacy, Preference for Paper (book vs. digital), Fake News, Conspiracies and Hoaxes, Accessibility: Technology Haves and Have-Nots, Who is Responsible for Accuracy? Video Gaming Culture and Gender, Voting Machines --Do electronic voting machines improve the voting process? Social Media - Are social networking sites good for our society? Online dating culture