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COMM 297 Egan: Review: Books

Why use books for Research?

Why use books for research?

  • High quality; university publishers; works written by top experts
  • Detailed analysis of a topic
  • Background information
  • Often contain articles as book chapters!
  • Use bibliographies/references in books to find additional sources

Using Quick Search to find books

Keywords:     social media politics women    

1. social media  = 1 mill + results

2. add "politics" - notice your results are more specific.

3. Limit to Print  BOOK format. Have a look at Women for president : media bias in nine campaigns.

  • Summary, subject links, Location, Status, TOC, Cite/Export to Refworks.
  • Under the drop menu, Library Links, use the Call Number Map to help track down your book. 

3. Sort list of results by: newest to oldest

4. Books SU Libraries doesn't own: Interlibrary Loan.


Found it in the catalog? Use the call number locator to find it in the building.

Call Number Locator - The call number of a library item is like a home address. Copy and paste any call number you find in the library catalog to see where it lives in the library.