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Lower Eastern Shore National History Day: Advancers to the State Contest

The Lower Eastern Shore National History Day contest includes Dorchester, Somerset, and Wicomico Counties and is sponsored by the Salisbury University Libraries and the Charles R. and Martha N. Fulton School of Liberal Arts at Salisbury University.

Information for 2023 Advancers

Information for 2023 advancers about how to register for the state contest will be emailed to teachers and students after the regional contest.

General state contest registration information

Somerset County Advancers 2022

Junior Group Documentary

First place: Fawzia Ahmed and Lucy Gibson.  Seneca Falls Convention. Somerset I6/7 Intermediate School, teacher: Randi Merritt

Junior Group Exhibit

First place: Omar Awad, Trevor Evanusa, Jerome Jackson, Gavin Parks, and Reagan Walters, The Opposition of the Vietnam War.  Somerset 6/7 Intermediate School, teacher: Randi Merritt

Senior Individual Exhibit

First place: Riley Parsons.  The Sugar Act of 1764.  Washington High School and Academy, teacher: Angela Lowe