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Lower Eastern Shore National History Day: Home/Registration

The Lower Eastern Shore National History Day contest includes Dorchester, Somerset, and Wicomico Counties and is sponsored by the Salisbury University Libraries and the Charles R. and Martha N. Fulton School of Liberal Arts at Salisbury University.

We anticipate the Lower Eastern Shore contest being in-person in 2023 but will move it to virtual if needed.

2023 Contest Theme: 

Frontiers in History: People, Places, Ideas


Contest date: Saturday, February 4 (snow date: February 11) Friday, March 3

Registration deadline was Thursday, January 19, at 5 p.m.  Due to the limited number of entries, we are suspending the requirement that entry paperwork (title page, annotated bibliography, and process paper) be submitted before the contest, and that, for three categories (papers, websites, documentaries), the entries themselves be submitted before the contest.  Advancers to the state contest will be announced at the awards ceremony.

Location:  South Dorchester School, Church Creek (instead of at the Guerrieri Academic Commons at Salisbury University)

Campus map:

Parking:  Visitors may park on campus for free on weekends, with no permit required.  Your best bet is the parking lot in front of the Guerrieri Academic Commons, which may be accessed from Rte. 13/South Salisbury Blvd.



Teacher Registration: Click here to register.  If you don't already have an account, the first thing you need to do is click on "Create Account" on the right side of the screen to begin the registration process.  Fill out the required information;  you will need to verify your email address before continuing.  Input your profile information.  Be sure to make note of your password and username, as you will need it in the future.  Click continue, select your school, and click "Save
 to complete your registration.  Then you can logout or go to Home/"Teacher's Main" tab.  TEACHERS MUST REGISTER BEFORE THEIR STUDENTS WILL BE ALLOWED TO REGISTER.   The NHD registration system requires teacher registration before student registration.  


Judges, please go to the Judges' tab above to find registration and other information.


Dorchester County: Monique Giddens,

Somerset County: Jill Holland,

Wicomico County: Lori Bock,

Lower Eastern Shore contest: Bea Hardy,


State contest: May 6, 2023

Registration deadline: April 5, 2023

Student Projects in Paper, Documentary, and Website Categories Submitted for State Contest: April 12, 2023

State program:‚Äč

National contest: June 11-15, 2023

National program



The Registration Deadline has passed. Due to the limited number of entries, we are not requiring that paperwork or entries be submitted ahead of time (although it would be lovely to get the annotated bibliographies and process papers a few days ahead--you can email them to  Please disregard the instructions below.


STUDENTS: YOUR TEACHER MUST REGISTER BEFORE YOU DO.  The REGISTRATION DEADLINE is Thursday, January 19, at 5 pm. The DEADLINE for SUBMISSION of process papers and annotated bibliographies for all entries and the actual projects for the documentary, paper, and website categories is Thursday, January 26, at 5 pm.

Student Registration: Click here to register.   If you don't already have an account, the first thing you need to do is click on "Create Account" and do that, then you have a choice of either registering a new entry (if you are doing an individual entry or if you are the first member of a group to register) or joining an existing entry (if you are part of a group entry and another team member has already registered). Each student registering for an individual entry should register separately.  For group entries, there are two options:

1. If the members are all present, or if one person has all the required information for all members: One student registers first.  At the end of that student's registration, there will be a red button on the screen, "Register Next Team Member."  Fill out the information for the second student in the group, and continue following that pattern until all group members are registered.

2. If the members are not together, or no one has all the information needed: One student registers first.  He or she will receive a "key"--a code, really--that they can then share with other students in the group.  The other students enter their personal information when they register and enter the "key" to be linked to the existing team project. 


For each entry: project title, category (documentary, exhibit, paper, performance, or website), whether it is group or individual, school, and teacher.

For each student: name, home address, a working email address that accepts emails from outside the school system (this can be the parent/guardian's email or the teacher's email), the name of a parent/guardian, parent/guardian's email (if available), and a phone number for the parent/guardian.

ONLINE ENTRY SUBMISSION INFORMATION FOR ALL CATEGORIES: While the contest will (we hope) be in person this year, you do need to submit some materials online ahead of time. The deadline for submitting required entry materials will be nine days before the contest, so it will be Thursday, January 26, at 5 p.m.  You will be submitting your entry materials in the registration portal, ZFairs, and can either do that when you register or do it later (but by the submission deadline of Thursday, January 26, at 5 p.m.).  If you are doing it later, go to the main portal page and login.  In the upper right, you'll see your name and a down arrow; click on the down arrow and then click on "My Profile."  On the page that pops up, go to the second row and click on the "Entry" tab. You'll then be able to upload your written materials pdf (or for website entries, the website key).  Click save and then logout by going to the upper right, clicking on the down arrow, and then clicking on logout.

What to Submit Online for Your Entry Through the ZFairs portal:

Documentary: Two items: 1) For "Written Materials" submit a single pdf with your title page, process paper, and bibliography. 2) For "Link" submit the link where you have put your documentary, likely your Google School account (another option is VImeo)--be sure you have set the video in Google to "Anyone on the internet with this link can view" or in Vimeo, use the setting, "Anyone Can See This Link."

Exhibit: For "Written Materials" submit a single pdf with your title page, process paper, and bibliography.

Paper: For "Entry's Paper" submit a single pdf with your title page, process paper, research or creative paper, and bibliography. 

Performance: For "Written Materials" submit a single pdf with your title page, process paper, and bibliography.

Website: For "Site Key" put in the site key for your website from NHD Web Central (all websites must be created in NHD Web Central).   Your title page, process paper, and bibliography are supposed to be on your website, so there is no need to submit them separately here.


1. Logging into your account on the registration portal.

2. Going to the upper right where your name is and clicking on the down arrow.

3. Clicking on "My Profile" and then clicking on "Entry" in  the second menu along the top.

4. Clicking on the file you want to delete, and in the page that pops up, clicking on "Delete File" in the lower left and then on the page that pops up, clicking on "OK" to confirm that you want to delete the file.