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Creating Folders to organize references

Creating folders not only helps you organize your references by project or class, but it also ensures that they are saved to your account. Any reference that is not placed in a folder will be automatically deleted after 30 days. Further, keeping all your references for a project in one place makes it easier to create a bibliography of those resources.

There are two ways to create a folder: from the left side menu under My Folders, or from the Folder icon at the top of the screen.

Creating a folder through My Folders

Open the My Folders menu on the left side of the screen, and select + Add a folder.

Adding a folder to your RefWorks account from the My Folders menu


You will then be prompted to name your folder. Ideally, you want a different folder for each research assignment you have, so it's a good idea to name your folder after your assignment or topic. Enter the name and hit save. (You can always change the name later, too.)

Create a name for the new folder you create


Now that your folder is created, you should find it under the My Folders menu. To view the options on a folder (such as renaming the folder), select the 3 dots next to the folder's name.

View your folders under My Folders

Creating a folder through the Folder icon

An alternative way to create a folder is by using the Folder icon when viewing a reference. From the All Documents or Last Imported menus, select a reference you want to assign a folder. Then, select the Folder icon from the toolbar at the top of the screen.

Select a citation to assign a folder, and click the folder icon.


Once you have selected the Folder icon, you will have the option to either select an existing folder or create a new folder for that reference. Select +Create to create a new folder to assign that reference to.

From the Folder icon, select a folder or create a new folder for the citation.


From here, the process is similar to creating a folder from the left side menu. You will be prompted to name the folder and select Create Folder. (To learn about the subfolder option provided in this prompt, scroll down to the next box on this page.)

Just as before, once you've named and created your new folder, it will appear in your My Folders list. Since you already assigned a reference to this folder, this citation will also appear within the folder:

Viewing folder with newly assigned citation inside.



Organizing folders and creating subfolders

Organizing your folders

You can easily rearrange your folders by clicking on a folder's name, holding down, and dragging it to a new place in your My Folders list.

Creating subfolders

There are two ways to create a subfolder: through the options menu (3 dots) of an existing folder, or by using the Folder icon when selecting a citation.

Creating a subfolder through a folder's option menu

View your list of existing folders by opening the My Folders menu on the left side of the screen. Select the folder under which you want to create a subfolder, and open its menu (3 dots to right of folder's name).

Create a subfolder through a folder's options menu.


Proceed with naming and saving the subfolder. You will then see this folder tucked underneath the main folder. You can hide or view the subfolder(s) by selecting the arrow next to the main folder. You can create as many levels of folders and subfolders as you wish!

Hide or view any subfolders by clicking the arrow next to a main folder.

You can assign references to subfolders just as you would any other folder. As a note, when creating a subfolder in this way, any references that were in the main folder will remain in that folder unless you specifically move them into the new subfolder.

Creating a subfolder using the Folder icon

Just as you would do to create a folder using the Folder icon, select a reference you want assigned to a new subfolder. This reference could be in an existing folder, or a newly imported reference under Last Imported or All Documents. Whichever way you find this citation, select it and click on the Folder icon in the top toolbar. This time, after you name the folder, select a folder from the "Subfolder of" menu to assign a location. Select Create Folder when done. The folder will be created and will contain the reference you selected.

Select a folder from the Subfolder of... menu to create a location for your subfolder.