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Library Service Desk Employee Manual


Reporting Mask/Social Distancing Violations

This semester, it will be crucial to collect data on mask/social distancing behavior in the building so we can share this if people are not complying with SU's safety rules.

In all of the cases below, library staff and student employees should record the information on this library non-compliance report form. You can also report it on the SU non-compliance report form (linked in the Salisbury University app).

  • If a patron comes to the desk and they are not wearing a mask, or not wearing it properly:  Insist that they put on a mask and wear it properly in order to receive any service.  
  • If you see someone or a patron reports that someone in the building is not wearing a mask, wearing a mask under their nose, and/or violating social distancing requirements:
    • If you are comfortable doing so, please confront the person and tell them masks are required in all locations in the building.  
    • If you are not comfortable confronting them, you can do the following:
      • Make an announcement on the PA system to remind patrons of the requirements (a sample script is in the cupboard near the lock box).
      • Call University Police at (410 543-6222 and ask them to send someone to the building.  
    • In either case, please be sure to report the information on the form(s) above.

What if I have questions?

Use the Slack channel "circulationquestions" (don’t use the direct message option)

If you still aren't sure what to do, don't let the patron leave without giving them the option to share their question/concern.  Take them to this How can we help you? form. When they submit the form, Amy will be notified and respond as soon as possible.  You can also refer them to Amy:



Staff Phone Numbers

Stacy Cooper
(H) 410.873.3261
(C) 443.880.8075

Jesse Drewer
(C) 443.523.6338

Natasha Finnegan
(C) 240.423.8565

Amy Jones
(C) 410.430.6315

Cassy Lewis
(H) 410.543.8245
(C) 443.614.6226

Rashid Robinson
(C) 217.377.1934

Susie Ruddy 
(H) 410.968.1123
(C) 410.603.8657

Liz Wallace 
(C) 443.736.0645

Research Help Desk

During the 2020 fall semester, the Research Help Desk will not be open for walk-up service.  Patrons needing research assistance can make an appointment for a consultation with one of the RIS librarians.  Please ask about the subject matter with which the patron needs help and give them the contact information for the appropriate librarian. Here is a list of the Departmental Liaisons.

RIS librarians and their student employees will be monitoring the chat, so feel free to reach out to them this way as well.

Items in the Ready Reference Collection have been moved to the Reference shelves, in front of the Course Reserve area.

Housekeeping Staff

Housekeeping staff and telephone numbers
Bob 443.735.7514  (6 am-10 am)
Tushaun 443.754.1935  (10 am-6:30 pm)
Jason (night shift supervisor)    
Housekeeping Office in GAC X83565