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COMM 260 Curtin: Find books

Why use books for Research?

As the Sauna Pants review points out, the more shrewd consumer wants to see evidence of the product's effectiveness. The next commercial might address this by pointing to 

  • testimonials from people who actually lost weight (if this ever occurred)
  • or research studies that show excess water loss as a health benefit (if that exists).                         

‚ÄčBooks offer

  • Detailed analysis of a topic                    
  • Well-established background information                    
  • Overview of big issue                    
  • Use their bibliographies to find other sources

Search for books

I want you to be vegetarian because it's the healthiest way to live. It has a rich history of success.

1. Search vegetarianism history. Limit to Books.

2. See the book record for: Ethical vegetarianism : from Pythagoras to Peter Singer. 

3. You need this book. What do you do?

3.5 How would you incorporate info from this source?

4. Cite/Export this book citation to Easybib.