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COMM 260 Curtin: Welcome & Assignment


Know a few important considerations for developing an effective persuasive presentation.

Find evidence that supports your opinion.

Evaluate evidence that supports your opinion.

Cite your evidence.


Assignment and research approach

 Your sources are the evidence that supports the claim "You need this idea/thing in your life."

1. Identify your audience and what evidence persuades them.
2. Background sources (library catalog: books)
3. Expert research (library databases: journal articles)
4. Flaunt your sources (source citation)
5. Outline, practice, revise, repeat (research librarians & Writing Center

Manage & Organize

EasyBib Academic Edition

Create an account in Easybib and let's start to manage our information sources for this assignment.

Please keep the Easybib tab open at the top of your web browser.