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HONR 211: Main Street USA: Find books

+In the research process: BOOKS

1. Explore  (search the web - think - reflect - talk)

2.  Scholarly conversations (journal articles & newspapers via library databases)

3. Background (books via the library catalog)

4. Support arguments (source citation)


+Search for books that are in our building

Keywords:  marketing         Main Street        business owners

1. marketing --- note that you get over 6 million search results!  

2. add "business owners" - notice your results are more specific, but you still have over 7,000 search results!  

3.  add "Main Street" - that drops you down to just 53.  But notice that it is an assortment of different types of information!  

4. After each search, you must limit results to BOOKS under Format on the left side of your screen - this gives you the type of information that you are specifically looking for.  Now you are down to only eleven search results, but they are all on-topic and are books.  


+Search for books found absolutely everywhere

Keywords: immigration   "small town"    

1. immigration - 7,000+ results

2. add "small town"  - 1,000+ results. Notice your results are more specific. Not owned by SU?  See the "What if We Don't Own It?" tab up above.  

3. Limit results to BOOKS under format on the left side of your screen.


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