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HONR 211: Main Street USA: Session Introduction & Assignment

This guide can help you:

Form an approach to initiating an assignment.

Identify the use of information sources based on the type of information (i.e. books for background)


Use keywords from a research question or statement to search.

Distinguish differences between popular and scholarly articles.

Explore topics for your paper or project. What motivates you?

Explore the library's information resources.

Start to gather information for an assignment.

    +Assignment and research approach

    Sometimes, a structured approach to research can help to organize ideas and the way you think about information sources:  

    1. Explore  (search the web - think - reflect - talk)

    2.  Scholarly conversations (journal articles & newspapers via library databases)

    3. Background (books via the library catalog)

    4. Support arguments (source citation)


    Due dates & information requirements

    Time table: When are things due?

    • What information requirements do you have?
    • Internet sources? If so, what kinds are acceptable?
    • Books? Print? Electronic? Reference Collection?
    • Articles? Newspapers? Scholarly or non-scholarly?
    • What citation style do you use?

    Manage & Organize

    EasyBib Academic Edition

    Create an account in Easybib and let's start to manage our information sources for this assignment.

    Please keep the Easybib tab open at the top of your web browser.