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GEOG 325: Conservation and Resource Management: Installments 4, 5, & 6: History / Philosophy / Perception / Economy

History / Philosophy / Perception / Economy Guidelines

Installments 4, 5 and 6: History / Philosophy / Perception and Economy

--How does your identity frame the current situation in resource management?

--How does the current situation in resource management frame the options for your identity?  Note to self: make sure I understand why these two questions are NOT the same, and what subtle (or obvious) implications this has for my identity


What underlying assumptions, beliefs, ethics, principles, etc. drive your identity?


1.         Look for media events, current events and your identity’s reaction to them.

2.         Make a tree of policies/laws/regulations that together create the structural landscape within which your identity must operate. (Here, one diagram can speak volumes) 

3.         Attempt to determine strengths and weaknesses this imposes on your identity and its range of motion as an actor in resource management.

4.         Through speaking with individuals who truly are your identity, or those opposed to your identity, explore moral ambiguities associated with your identity and resource management. 

5.         Find at least one contradiction embedded in your identity. 

6.         Which policies and laws either add or take away opportunities for your identity? Why is this so?  Should it be so?