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iPods, Games, and English 103: Assessment

Assessment Beginnings

Before students even come to the library they become familar with many of the Information Literacy concepts that we are going to be teaching them by means of a tutorial that they complete approximately 1-2 weeks before their library session. 


The tutorial begins with a pre-test to determine the students' initial Information Literacy knowledge levels, and gives us a good base reading from where our English 103 students are coming from.  After they have completed their library instruction session, the students complete a complimentary post-test that again tests their knowledge of the same Information Literacy objectives as the pre-test measured.  In this way we are able to gauge how effective our instruction sessions have been, and how much the students have learned.  


We are planning a more formal assessment of the outcomes of this game and all of our teaching strategies in the future once we have a larger sample of data from those that participate in the ShoreSearch instruction.  


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