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POSC 540 Assignment:

In his book, Public Administration, David Rosenbloom structures his review of the field of public administration by exploring four different, if related, models of administration and applies them throughout the text to various dimensions of the world of public sector administration.  Choose one of these models and apply it to the operation of an agency of government and an administrative problem that you wish to explore and research.  Additionally, limit your application of the model to three dimension: values, organizational structure and view of the individual, as Rosenbloom has laid out these dimensions in the first chapter of his text. 

Finally, evaluate the model.  Does it provide a useful explanation of the administrative experience?  In the light of your analysis, how could the agency's operations in question be improved?  In your answer to the latter question, you may wish to draw upon insights of the other models and upon Ralph Bummel's reflections on the nature of the "bureaucratic experience" for your critique, as well as other articles and books that you come across in your research.

Research and reading beyond the assigned materials is necessary for this paper.  However, given the brevity of the summer session, the time necessary for extensive research is limited.  Therefore I ask only for a short list of ten references that will be sufficient for a satisfactory completion of this assignment.  You may certainly go beyond this minimal requirement if you so desire and have the time.  Use the Library and the research librarians for your research.  The librarians on staff can be very helpful in tracking down important materials for your projects.  Avoid reliance simply on online sources.  Government documents and books in the library should also be consulted.

The paper should be at least 10 pages of analysis and discussion.  A bibliography and an endnotes page are of course required.  Use Chicago style format.  Word menu for references and endnotes is fully acceptable.  The paper is due on Thursday, June 28th, 2012.


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