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Dance: Search Strategy

Keyword Exercise

Use keywords to find topic arguments in research tools.

Research Question: "Does the representation of gender in the media contribute to eating disorders in dancers?"

Keywords:  gender      media      eating disorders       dancers

Because we can talk about the same sort of ideas using different words, think up alternate keywords. Those alternate keywords can be synonyms, broader or more narrow terms. Brainstorming might results in something like the list below. If you get stuck try using a thesaurus, like the one in Microsoft Word or at

gender media eating disorders dancers
  • women
    • girls
    • teenagers
  • men
  • gender binary
  • gender identity
  • magazines
  • movies
  • cinema
  • film
    • center stage
    • dirty dancing
    • Black swan
  • models
  • disordered eating
  • anorexia
    • anorexia nervosa
  • bulimia
    • binge eating
    • purging
  • orthorexia
  • dancing
  • ballet
    • ballerinas
  • modern dancers
  •  figure skaters

Fill out the keyword sheet below to explore wording that is used to describe your own topic.