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Military Science: Internet Sources


USA.GOV - This is the primary entry point for finding government information on the internet. The U.S. Government puts out a lot of multi-topic information that can affect your lives. This includes military information that can help you navigate your military career.

General Interest


General Interest

U.S Constitution 

Cornerstone Documents of Our Democracy  From - other resources (scroll up within)

America's Founding Documents From the National Archives

U.S. History and Historical Documents   From

From the links above you can access the U.S. Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, Federalist Papers, Gettysburg Address, Abraham Lincoln Papers, George Washington Papers, U.S. Code, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Congressional Bills, Congressional Record and many more documents . . .

Library of Congress (LOC) American Memory Project - Subject: War, Military - Contains some historical primary sources (photographs, interviews, maps, etc.) While there are only a few listed military collections, if you put a term in the search box (e.g.Vietnam, or Army, etc.), you will find results specific to your topic. Or you can do the same from the LOC home page. Just remember that these are historical documents, so more recent American events may not be covered..



Military Specific Links    (NOTE: If some of these links do not work in Internet Explorer, try Google Chrome)

Department of Defense (home page)
Department of Defense Organizational Structure 
Department of Defense News/Publications (Misc. - some new, some older)

Department of the Army (home page)
Department of the Army Organizational Structure and Mission
U.S. Army Press Publications  From the Army University (6 magazines/journals)
 (Note: to access the contents of these periodicals click on the Title link below the text describing each magazine or journal)
Army Publishing Directorate (APD) Produces numerous publications including field manuals, etc. Check out the publications tab. Note: Some are large so it may take time for them to download.

ROTC Links
U.S. Army ROTC 
U.S. Army Cadet Command
University of Delaware ROTC 
University of Delaware (and SU) Prospective Candidates
Salisbury University ROTC  (home page)

Military Branch Websites (Courtesy of the LSU web site)

                    DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY | Website




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