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SOCI (Kang): Assignment

A guide for SOCI 101 and 201 for Professor Kang



Select a topic relevant to this course, such as race, class, gender, socialization, family, education, health, environment, etc.  You may also combine topics, for example environmental racism.   Your topic should be a subject that you are interested in learning about in a more in-depth way.

Research, Read, and THINK

Using the resources provided by here, search for books written by scholars and articles published in scholarly journals on your topic.  Select 3 scholarly references or more that fit together cohesively.  Synthesize the information and analysis in the references with what you have learned from the course materials (readings, lectures, videos, and discussion).

Your paper must include a thesis, which is a restatement of the conclusion you reach from conducting your research.  The thesis should be written as a statement that you can prove through evidence from your research or course materials.  For an argument to be convincing, it should include at least 3 types of evidence.


Within the body of your paper, when you quote or cite a reference source, you must include in-text citations to avoid the appearance of plagiarism.  In addition, at the end of your paper, you must provide a complete reference list with full citations.  You may use the American Sociological Association’s (ASA) Style Guide for writing, or use the writing style guide that is typically used in your discipline (for example Psychology has the APA Style Guide.


The length of your paper should be at least 1,250-words (5-pages),

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