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COMM 100 Library Research Guide O'Sullivan: Find eBooks

In the research process: BOOKS

1. Explore topic context & primary sources (the open web)
2. Learn the background (library catalog: books)
3. Scholarly conversations (library databases: journal articles)
4. Support your argument (source citation)
5. Rinse, repeat; drafts & revisions (research librarians, writing center)



Using WorldCat Discovery to find books on a research topic

Keywords:     promote       recycling      college campus        programs

Start out using a broad-to-narrow keyword search strategy. Use one or two umbrella keywords, and narrow results with additional qualifiers. 

1. recycling

2. add "college campus" - notice your results are fewer yet more specific. Limit to Books.

3. If you get few results, consult synonyms and use "sustainability" instead.

4. Open the title link for the book: The campus and environmental responsibility by David J Eagan, David W Orr

5. Review Table of Contents, Location, Status, and Call Number.

6. Copy the call number of this book and use the Call Number Locator tool to find it.

7. Have a look at the rest of the results list. We don't own any of these, but you can request through InterLibrary Loan.

New search strategy. Try the synonym "sustainability" instead of "recycling." Does that yield more books that are owned by SU Libraries? 

Call Number Locator

Call Number Locator

The call number of a library item is similar to a home address.

Copy and paste any call number you find in WorldCat Discovery to see where it lives in the library.