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COMM 100 Library Research Guide O'Sullivan: Welcome & source requirements


The electronic resources that I have included within this guide can be accessed using the same SU Username & Password. that you use to log into Gullnet and MyClasses

As an SU student, you have access to all of the electronic tools and resources that SU Libraries has to offer from anywhere in the world! 

Assignment review: Source requirements

Your speech assignments have specific requirements, and this research guide is designed to help you complete those requirements. For both the Informative speech and persuasive speech, you'll need:

  • Credible sources
  • Relevance to your topic and thesis: sources and information must support your thesis and make strategic sense 
  • Sources must be scholarly and should include at least one e-book
  • All sources should be cited in both the preparatory outline and the speech itself using APA 6 format.

Scholarly articles must be found within the Academic Search Ultimate database. 

Ebooks can be found using the library catalog.


We all begin the research process at the bottom of the pyramid below by exploring and learning basic facts and background about a topic. Books are great for this early stage. The more we learn, the better prepared we are to then search for and identify more specific scholarly sources such as journal articles. 

            Toward the beginning of the research process